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Susan Irving Monshaw, a journalist and writer for more than 35 years, most recently wrote a weekly humor column, “Hither and Yon,” for the Citizen News (New Fairfield, CT) for more than a decade. She currently writes a blog by the same name from her new location in London. Susan has been published in the New York Times, was an editor at Chemical Engineering Magazine and wrote a privately published biography for an educational foundation in Washington, DC. She has worked in public relations, and loves most to write about people.

     Originally from New Jersey, Susan has lived in France, where she learned enough French to attend culinary school and get her car repaired. She also lived in Japan and while she did not grasp enough of the language to cause any trouble, she was completely seduced by the art and architecture there. She now knows that England is not at all like the United States and has discovered a whole new vocabulary in her native tongue. Susan has a passion for history and historic preservation and co-founded a local history museum in New Fairfield, CT.  She is working on a novel.


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Let's Just Write! Conference Chicago 2020

Writers' Digest Annual Conference 2019

NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2019

NYC Flash Fiction Challenge 2018

Sanibel Island Writers Conference 2017

Off-Campus Writers' Workshop - 2020


Chicago Writers Association - 2020


London Writers Group - 2018-2020


New York University - courses toward certificate in Novel                                       and Creative Writing 



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